Often in a very short space of time, the relatives of new residents at Aldridge Court see clear improvements in the happiness and general wellbeing of their loved ones. Whether it’s because they’re eating all of their meals, or simply because they’re smiling more – the positive impact brought about by staying in a nursing home like Aldridge Court is plain to see.

The beautiful garden allows residents great views all year round, with the changing seasons bringing all the variation in sights and sounds that nature has to offer. When we designed the home, we specifically set the windows at a low level to make seeing outside easy for everyone. Horses, rabbits, squirrels and an assortment of wildlife can be all be seen from in the building itself and out in the garden – something that really makes a huge difference to our residents.

We have a range of different room styles available, enabling us to cater to the specific needs of the individual. For example, rooms with double-doors that allow a bed to be moved out into the garden area, meaning even the bed-ridden to enjoy a beautiful English summer’s day.

We realise how important it is for people to feel at home. To this end, we encourage and help residents make their rooms their own, with pictures, ornaments, a fresh coat of paint in their favourite colour or whatever it is that will make their time at Aldridge Court as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. Because of this, and all the characters we have staying with us, it really does feel like a home should, a far-cry from the institutional feel that some nursing home’s have, sadly.

Aldridge Court has come a long way over the years. There have been extensive developments and refurbishment, and everything from the building, to the decor, to the range of equipment we use are all of the highest standard, to reflect the level of care and professionalism we show to our residents and to each other. We believe that the people – both our team, the care professionals we work with and the residents themselves – are what make up the spirit and atmosphere at Aldridge Court, and what make it a place that both residents and staff alike love being a part of.

We arrange regular visits from doctors (daily) chiropodists, dentists, therapists and whoever else may be required to fulfil the needs of residents. We also have mini-clinics within the nursing home, so that if people want to speak to a doctor for to seek advice or discuss a problem that they perhaps wouldn’t normally call on a doctor for, they can do so in a relaxed, informal way.

Our kitchen staff comprises of two highly-trained chefs and a number of kitchen assistants and hostesses. When a new resident comes in, our chefs (who are also experienced nutritionists) will discuss any individual dietary requirements so they can make sure everyone gets a well balanced, nutritious menu each day. Our chefs will also seek and respond to feedback from residents to find out what they like and what they don’t like, so the menus will evolve and continue to suit the needs and desires of the individual. We believe that everyone should have a choice about everything they’re eating and drinking, which certainly is not apparent in many nursing homes. Food is available throughout the day and drinks all day and all night. As our head chef say: “if I’ve got it, they can have it!”

Our dedicated activities team organise bingo, quizzes, themed parties, food tastings, visits from the local church – you name it, whatever the residents want. And there’s always a choice on offer. They also regularly have ‘one-to-ones’ with people that can’t leave their rooms, which can mean anything from reading them books to taking them for walks around the garden. We have visits from carefully selected ‘therapy pets’ who have all been trained and checked to make sure they’re safe to visit. We even have a house-trained donkey that visits – a particular favourite amongst residents. The joy these animals bring is palpable, you just have to look at everyone’s faces.

All these things combine to make Aldridge Court a nursing home of real distinction, in the heart of the West Midlands. Our residents love it here, and so do we!

For further information, nothing beats paying us a visit and seeing everything (and everyone) for yourself. Come and have a chat with our team – you will be very welcome.