Fine Dining

Our kitchen staff comprises of two highly-trained chefs and a number of kitchen assistants and hostesses. When a new resident comes in, our chefs – who are also experienced nutritionists – will discuss any individual dietary requirements so they can make sure everyone gets a well balanced, nutritious menu each day. Our chefs will also seek and respond to feedback from residents to find out what they like and what they don’t like, so the menus will evolve and continue to suit the needs and desires of the individual.

Our hostesses speak to the residents every morning and find out what they want for breakfast lunch and dinner. Residents get fresh jugs of water at least twice a day and they can have their tea whenever they want.

Food is available throughout the day and drinks all day and all night. As our head chef say: “if I’ve got it, they can have it!” We believe that everyone should have a choice about everything they’re eating and drinking, which certainly is not apparent in many nursing homes.

Residents love the fact that they get delicious meals that they perhaps became much less likely to cook as they got older whilst still living independently. Tailored menus and acted-on feedback from residents also reassures relatives: no more forgetting to eat or being too tired to or incapable of making fresh, nutritious meals. All this is taken care of by our expert chefs.

Meat is sourced from a local butcher, who farms his own animals. We also take deliveries from a local farmer’s market and have a local dried food supplier.

The Quality Care Commission commented that the food at Aldridge Court is the standard of a high-class restaurant (and they’ve lunched with us when making assessments, so they should know!). This high standard is what we continually strive for. It has to taste good and look good for us to see the amount of empty plates that get returned to the kitchen every day.